Cloud Solutions

The overwhelming majority of new Business Intelligence IT investments are implemented as serverless services in the cloud thanks to its fast, cost-effective project delivery capabilities and instant resource provisioning.

Protecting these investments, however, requires the proper management of risks related to their security, performance, and continuity, among other factors. To make the most of your cloud opportunity, you can rely on dedicated Lingaro consultants with proven expertise in data warehousing, high-usage BI and mobile tools, cloud governance and infrastructure management, advanced automation, and cloud integration tools such as Mulesoft and Dell Boomie.

Lock in long-term business benefits

Boost performance efficiency with the cloud’s infinitely scalable capabilities. Optimize costs and achieve operational excellence by automating supporting procedures and identifying unneeded or suboptimal resources with real-time usage monitoring. Secure your information, systems, and assets against service and infrastructure failures according to your established risk management strategy.

Rely on a name trusted by industry leaders

Work with a company recognized as an official cloud services partner by two of the world’s top cloud infrastructure providers, Amazon and Microsoft. Both technology heavyweights trust Lingaro on the basis of our experience, client references, cloud project revenue, and educational certificates earned. In addition to being an official Amazon Web Services Standard Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner, we have a successful track record implementing projects with Google Cloud Platform and will soon formalize our partnership with Google as well.

Field-test your optimal cloud stack

Take a data-driven approach to building your cloud architecture with STORM, Lingaro’s proprietary cloud stack feasibility and efficiency testing platform. STORM performs fully functional end-to-end data load processing from source files through to the data warehouse and presentation layers. Data sets are standardized and all results are documented across multiple evaluations to find the best-performing technology configuration for your requirements.


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